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How are Courses Purchased?

How do I purchase courses?

First, find your course

To find a course, curate by category by selecting a category to the left, or view all courses with the “All courses” category. Or, use the search bar to the right to find a specific course. Click on any course title to see a full description of the course.

Next, add the course to your cart

Use the purchase button to add the course to your shopping cart. Add as many titles as you like.

Course pricing

The cost of an individual course is based on the number of Training Vouchers you need to redeem to access that course. For most offerings, one voucher is required for each contact hour of the a course. For example, a 4 contact hour course requires 4 vouchers. A single voucher costs just $30, but discounts are available when vouchers are purchased in quantities. And since vouchers don’t expire, it’s a great way for institutions and individuals to save money on their training.

Already have vouchers?

If you already have your vouchers, or if your institution provides vouchers, just use the purchase button to add the course(s) to your shopping cart. You can use your existing vouchers when you complete the transaction and access your course.