State Regulator FAQs V2

NASASPS State Regulator FAQs

NASASPS has compiled a list of FAQs state regulators receive regarding the authorization and regulation of postsecondary institutions. These questions and their responses have been categorized into a searchable resource for NASASPS members.

Please note that the information provided in this FAQ resource is updated on an on-going basis as state regulators submit changes for their state. If you have a question about the accuracy of the information provided for a particular state, please contact its regulator directly.

Student Complaints FAQs

・Agency/division's student complaint process

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Agency Oversight & Exemptions FAQs

・Agency/division's applicable statute and rules/regulations
・Types of regulated institutions
・List of exemptions to authorization

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Organizational Structure FAQs

・Number of positions within agency/division that regulate private postsecondary institutions
・How is agency/division funded?
・Agency/division's fee structure
・Does agency/division conduct review of new programs?

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School Closures & Academic Records FAQs

・Require institutions to follow specific procedures and/or provide obligatory information to agency when they close?
・Does agency/division maintain records from closed schools?
・requirements for maintenance and procedures for records requests?

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Surety Bonds & Tuition Protection FAQs

・Does agency/division require authorized institutions hold a surety bond?
・Does agency/division require authorized institutions contribute toward a student tuition protection fund?
・For what purposes may surety bonds/tuition protection funds be used (e.g. student records, tuition refund, teach out, etc.)?

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All FAQs

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