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NASASPS Mentor Program

NASASPS Introduces Mentorship Program

Nearly half of the attendees of the 2022 NASASPS Annual Conference were first-time attendees. Based on the new faces in the association and in the regulation of private post-secondary education, NASASPS is proud to announce a new member benefit for 2023 – the NASASPS Mentorship Program.

The first step in the program is identifying experienced state regulators who are willing to share their knowledge with newer regulators.

If you can remember feeling a bit lost and alone when you first joined your state higher education agency, you can help your colleagues who are looking for some one-on-one guidance or just need to talk through how you have handled issues.

  • Maybe you’ve set up a great site visit process and are willing to explain the steps.
  • Maybe you have gone through a huge school closure, learned best practices, and are ready to share so another person can avoid some of the problems you encountered.

The call for mentees will be developed after determining the field of mentors and their individual areas of expertise.

Mentorship is a professionally (and personally) rewarding way to pass along knowledge and create a better environment for new and inexperienced regulators.

Your mentorship questionnaire is available below. Thank you for your participation!

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